Are Armored Ambulances are the need of the hour in this COVID time?

With the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, the world is witnessing more and more service of medical emergencies than before. Executing medical emergencies should be taken with utmost care in the conflict prone areas or unsafe areas. Hence Armored Ambulances/ Bulletproof Ambulances are the need of the hour in these areas for the safety of medical emergency providers and the victims. Armored Ambulances can be used to provide life saving care to the victims in the trouble prone “hot zones”.

Unlike ordinary ambulances, these Armored Ambulances are armored on all the required sides with a standard level of vehicle armoring. Armored Ambulances should be designed primarily for the transport of injured people and sick people to / from the unsafe areas, hence it has to be designed to equip medical equipments like Oxygen Cylinders, Wheel Chair Lift, Ventilators etc.

At Shell Special Vehicles LLC, we have designed the best vehicle armoring technology and features for building Armored Ambulances. We can customize various armored vehicle features and medical equipments as per the requirements from the customer.  We build Armored Ambulances in both RHD and LHD specification.  One of the most popular vehicle chassis chosen for building Armored Ambulance is Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Hard Top Series. The best features of Armored Land Cruiser series are its all- terrain driving capability, ruggedness, reliability for handling the harshest and toughest situation etc. We have been providing wide range of Armored vehicles including speciality vehicles like Armored Ambulance to various regions like African countries, Middle East countries, South Asian countries etc worldwide.

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