Tips to Build Your Bulletproof Car on Budget

Bulletproofing the car is a carefully planned, designed and implemented process that requires special expertise, technical knowledge and resources. Through this article we are giving some tips to build your bulletproof car on budget.

The cost to bulletproof a vehicle depends on several factors like

Bulletproofing the vehicle involves substantial cost as we cannot compromise the quality of ballistic glass and other armor plates that we use in the vehicle armoring process. As the thickness of the glass and the armor plates go higher, better protection will be ensured and hence higher will be the estimated budget. But with carefully research and planning we can significantly reduce the budget for vehicle armoring and bulletproofing by following certain points.

Talk to your Armored vehicle company about various budget options, various armored vehicle types, desired protection levels etc before placing the order for your dream Armored Car or a Bulletproof Car.

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