Welcome to the career section of our website! We are  currently seeking talented individuals to join our team.

We have a variety of full-time job openings available, including:

  1. Welder and Fabricator : As a Welder and Fabricator, you will play a crucial role in the armoring process of vehicles. You need to satisfy the following. Perform welding tasks using various techniques, ensuring strong and secure connections – Fabricate metal components for armored vehicles according to design specifications – Collaborate with design and engineering teams to achieve the highest quality standards – Interpret blueprints and follow detailed instructions for precise fabrication – Conduct thorough quality control checks at different stages of the fabrication process – Maintain a safe and organized work environment. –  (Closed)
  2. Automotive Painter: As an Automotive Painter, you will be a vital part of the finishing process for our armored vehicles. You need to satisfy the following. Prepare vehicle surfaces for painting, including sanding, priming, and masking – Mix and match paints to achieve the desired color and finish – Apply paint coats using various techniques, ensuring an even and smooth finish – Conduct quality inspections to identify and rectify imperfections – Collaborate with the design and production teams to meet aesthetic specifications – Maintain a clean and organized painting workspace – (Closed)
  3. Receptionist: Manage our front desk and provide excellent customer service to all visitors and clients, answer phone calls, respond to emails, and greet visitors in a professional and friendly manner. As a receptionist, you will be directing visitors to the appropriate team members. You will handle incoming calls and emails and assist with other administrative tasks as needed. – HIRING
  4.  Office Boy: – HIRING


  • As an armoring company, we prioritize safety and quality in all our work. That’s why we’re looking for candidates who have experience and skills in their respective fields. But freshers are also welcome.
  • Please note that candidates are preferred to have a minimum of 2 years of working experience in the relative field. GCC experience is given priority.
  • The candidate must provide proof of their work experience, such as a reference or experience certificate (if any).
  • All of these positions are full-time positions with a six-day work week and our manufacturing unit is based in Ras Al Khaimah.
  • Employees will also be entitled to all statutory benefits governed by the UAE Labor Law, including basic medical insurance coverage and 30 days of annual leave upon completion of 12 months in service. In addition, we also provide outbound/inbound ticket benefits on an annual basis.
  • Candidates must also be willing to work overtime if the schedule requires it.


Lastly, if you are the right candidate for the job, please send your CV to Do not try to contact through the WhatsApp you see on website – It is for the customers who wish to purchase vehicles from the company.

Your email should include a simple cover letter (as email body) and a PDF of your CV. This will help us to review your application more easily.

Good luck to you, and please share this page with your friends who are looking for a job in an Armoring Company.


This will be the only website where we post our job openings. We do not use third-party websites.



It has come to our attention that certain individuals, groups, or agencies are engaging in deceptive practices, including sending phishing emails and fraudulent communications, falsely using the name of Shell Special Vehicles LLC in connection with job postings, offers, or employment-related matters. These unauthorized communications are intended to mislead the public and may seek private and confidential information from recipients. Please be aware that these communications have no affiliation with Shell Special Vehicles LLC.

Additionally, there have been instances of individuals or agencies falsely representing themselves as the HR agency/person of “Shell Special Vehicles LLC.” They may use names resembling ours, such as “Shell Armored,” or similar deceptive variations. Some may exploit third-party job websites like Indeed. These entities might even request monetary deposits from candidates, claiming it is necessary for job placement or interviews. Please note that Shell Special Vehicles LLC will never ask for personal or confidential information, including passwords, credit card numbers, or request monetary deposits in connection with job offers or employment opportunities.

If you receive any such suspicious email or communication, we strongly advise against responding.

Tips to Identify Fraudulent Recruitment Offers:

  • Request for Payment: Legitimate employment processes at Shell Special Vehicles LLC do not require any payment from candidates.
  • Request for Personal Data: Be cautious if asked for sensitive information such as bank account details, credit card numbers, or one-time passwords (OTPs).


Any individual engaging with such agencies, persons, or groups does so at their own risk. Shell Special Vehicles LLC disclaims any liability for losses or damages incurred directly or indirectly as a result of such fraudulent activities. This notice is issued to safeguard our applicants and maintain the integrity of our recruitment processes. Thank you for your attention.

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