Armored PickUp Trucks – Certain Interesting Facts

Have you thought why Pick-Up Trucks are chosen to do armoring and bulletproofing to use for secured transportation in dangerous places? Due to certain facts Pick-Up Truck is chosen as the best candidate for armoring over other Armored Vehicle Types.

 10 Interesting Facts about Armored Pickup Trucks :

  1. Most of the makes and models of Armored Pick-Up Truck are designed to handle tough mission.
  2. When compared to Armored SUVs or Armored Cars, Armored Pickup is considered as a multi-tasked Armored Vehicle world wide.
  3. Another stunning feature of Armored Pickup Truck is its ability to withstand any kind of harsh environment.
  4. Armored Pick-Up is designed to tackle almost any terrain easily.
  5. Its most unique feature is the capability to transport both people and cargo.
  6. It also exhibits great off-road capability like Armored SUVs.
  7. Armored Pickup is considered to be durable as well as reliable.
  8. Most banks and other private organizations that frequently transport high value and economic prospects like coins, currencies, precious stones, gold, weapons etc prefer pick-up trucks for their secure transportation.
  9. One of the prime intention of using Armored pick-up truck is to resist robbery and hijacking.
  10. Armored Pick-Up Truck can be a great relief for a film director to use in movie action scenes.

4 Major considerations during the design and making of an Armored Pick-Up Truck 

1: Ballistic Protection: Decide the right Ballistic Protection required for your armored pickup. Ballistic Protection works with the added thickness of steel and glass, which will work against the below second factor, (GVW)
      2. GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) : It is the maximum weight an armored pickup truck can carry safely including the passengers and cargo
      3. Security: The Ballistic Resistance will go waste if the valuables and the people inside the truck  are not securely separated from the outside world.
      4. Comfort: Due to added weight and sealed nature of the armored truck, the inside becomes very hot, so make sure proper air-conditioning is given to regulate the temperature inside.

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