Ballistic Protection Levels

Protection Levels

We offer car armoring protection based on European Standard EN 1063.
There are four different levels you can choose from, CEN BR4, CEN BR5, CEN BR6, CEN BR7. We encourage Extensive Customizations and Additional Accessories.

*Pictures are for illustration purpose only

Ballistic Protection Against: Handguns and Shotguns Protection (Caliber 9mm/.357 magnum/.44 rem. magnum | FJ/FN/SC)*
Windows Glass22 mm approx.
Steel2.7 – 4 mm approx.
Added weight: +600 KG

Ballistic Protection Against: Rifle Protection (Caliber 5.56×45 178mm +/-10 | FJ2/PB/SC)*
Windows Glass: 22-38 mm approx
Steel: 4.0-6.5 mm
Added weight: +1000 KG

Ballistic Protection Against: High Power Rifle Protection (Caliber 7.62X51 | FJ1/PB/SC)*
Windows Glass: 38-42 mm approx
Steel: 6.5mm
Added weight: +1200 KG

Ballistic Protection Against: High-Power Armor Piercing Rifle Protection (Caliber 7.62X51 TL 254mm +/- 10 | FJ/PB/HC1)*
Windows Glass72 – 78 mm approx
Steel: 9.2 – 14.2 mm
Added weight: +2000 KG

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