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Bulletproofed Glass

We use certified bullet-resistant glasses for the car’s windshield and windows. The special-purpose polycarbonate glasses are extremely good at protecting the occupants from bullets and blasts. We rely on international brands like AGP / Lumi that are tested by international labs world-wide, to provide us with glasses that match the original.

Engine and Radiator Protection

Engine compartments are protected using armor plating along with the radiator and control module.

Fuel System Parts

Armor plating for the fuel tank and its subsequent connections

Full Under Belly Blast Protection

Underbelly protection is essential when it comes to saving lives from blasts caused by mines

Heavy Duty Hinges

Heavy-duty hinges are essential for the life of an armored vehicle. The added weight of the armor will cause wear and tear to the door handles. The Shell Special Vehicles LLC use top quality materials for the hinges. So the doors will work fine even after many years.

Suspension Kits

The added weight of the armor will cause the stock suspension to crush under heavy loads. So we upgrade the suspension to compensate for the additional weight. This up-gradation is highly customizable. Customers can request for increased/decreased ground clearance. We partner with international brands like Outback Armor for the suspension up-gradation.

Brake System Upgrades

It is important to upgrade the brakes to compensate for the additional weight. Otherwise, the stock brakes will defect because of the overload. We carefully select and upgrade the brake system respective of the vehicle.

Heavy Duty and Run-Flat Tyres

Run-flat tires are a real lifesaver. They allow the vehicle to escape from hostile situations and they can properly support the weight of an armored vehicle.

Noiseless Cabin

Shell Special Vehicles LLC make sure that the cabin is insulated from the outside chaos. Our work is top quality and QC makes sure that there is no from wielding to upholstery. And that’s another reason why you get a quieter cabin.

Operable Window

We do not recommend opting-in for this additional option. Simply because this will decrease the overall protection of the vehicle. This additional option is costlier and occupants will be less secured. But customers can still opt-in for this feature.

Gun Ports

We can set gun ports either in Glass / Body. Their placements can be customized as well as their operating procedure. But do note that such features require ministry level approvals and proper end-user certificates. Do get in touch with our sales team to know more.

Reinforced Bumpers

This optional feature is an added advantage that can prevent severe damage to the vehicle during an accident or an attack.

Door Shock Handles

We can enable the shock feature in all the door handles of the armored vehicle when an attacker tries to grab the door handle of the vehicle.


Electrical or hand winches can come in handy in a time of need. They can be used for towing or giving aid to someone who may have fallen. They can be mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical – depending on your requirements.

Night Vision Display

Fixing a Night Vision Display system is extremely convenient for the driver to navigate at night or no light areas to avoid hidden threats.

VHF Radio

High-frequency communication equipment – used for emergency communication over a wide range of distances. The radiofrequency for such systems range between 156.0 and 162.025 MHz We can arrange for you both handheld VHF radios and fixed VHF radios.

Public Addressing System

Ideal for situations where you need to address large gatherings or control the public

Strobe Lights



Bulletproof Vests

If you are moving without an armored vehicle, there are chances that you may be faced with a potential threat. In such a case, close combat may cause serious injuries. Bulletproof vests make sure that you do not get injured, even when you are face to face with danger. These vests are specially designed to protect you or mitigate damage when confronted with ballistics.

Bulletproofed Helmet

A head injury could cost you your life, and therefore it is necessary to give your head adequate protection – especially when you are in strife prone areas. Bulletproof helmets are designed using special composite materials which would protect your head from ballistic and traumatic injuries. The helmet may or may not come with a shield for your face. Depending on how much protection you desire, you can order your helmet accordingly.

Armored Vests

Tactical armored vests can be worn externally or under your clothes as well. Either way, it is enough to give you ballistic protection even in close combat. If you have some threat, or sense some potential danger, you should use these vests to protect you from it. These professionally designed vests may be concealable, if you don’t want anyone to know that you’re wearing them.

Bulletproof Jacket

The biggest advantage of having a bulletproof jacket is that it can be worn over your clothes. This is ideal when you do not need to have your armor concealed. Such a jacket can be easily worn and removed. Since it is also worn over your clothes and does not need to be concealed, it can be as thick as you want. Usually, the thicker the jacket is, the more protection it would give you. However, it should not be too thick.

End-to-End Bulletproof Protection (360 degree Protection)

We can ensure all sides of the occupants in an armored vehicle both roof and floor, both front and back and sides are protected using armor plating of the choosing and bullet-resistant windows. We use the latest high-quality steel and bullet-resistant glasses to provide ultimate protection.

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