Armored Ambulance

Armored Ambulance - Armored Speciality Vehicle

Armored Ambulance is one of the most sought Armored Vehicle which gives first responders the best protection while attending the victims in the war zone and other most demanding areas. Armored Ambulances are highly recommended in the risk zones as it allows to give proper and immediate on-site medical treatment and transportation of patients, instead of waiting for the situation to calm down or delaying the treatment of the needy.

Shell Armored Vehicles is investing time and its resources in building innovative technologies for customizing Armored Ambulance to tackle special needs. Bulletproof Ambulances are equipped with medical equipments like wheel chair lift, back lift, oxygen cylinder and other medical emergency equipment based on the customer requirements.  The most sought Armored Ambulance is built on a Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Hard Top Series.  The Armored Land Cruiser 78 chassis is capable of driving in all terrain including off-road conditions and provide the greatest level of protection from the surrounding threats.  Armored Ambulances are built to be stable and durable and are customized to provide all side armoring offering ballistic protection level upto B6.

BASE VEHICLE :Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Hard Top
ENGINE MODEL : 4.2 L V8 6 Cylinder
FUEL : Diesel

SHELL SPECIAL VEHICLES LLC builds the fully customized and equipped Bulletproof Ambulance that provides a complete range of medical equipment for the spot treatment of casualties in the hostile environment. To get more details about customization, budget, delivery and other documentation details, start WhatsApp chat with us Now.

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