Luxury Armored Vehicles

Luxury Armored Vehicle - Luxurious Interior

Luxury Armored Vehicles are the perfect choice for civilian use for the class of people including VIPs, celebrities, dignitaries, corporates etc.

Armored Cars are primarily meant to be safer cars, but it comes as a bonus when the interior of the discrete armored car becomes a treat to everybody’s eyes.  We don’t insist on going for a luxurious branded vehicle to provide the luxury feel. To some people of today’s world, luxury means pay attention to the details, leaving no compromise in quality, comfort, great looks and visually pleasing design rather than the logo the vehicle carries. But to other portion of people, luxury is about leaving a big impression by showcasing the vehicle brand.

The feel of the real armored luxury vehicle is in the prime elements like Improved Suspension, Quiet Interior (Insulated Noise Free Cabin), Seating Comfort, Powerful Engine, Spacious Cabin with ample leg room, knee room, lumbar support etc, Enough Lighting, High Quality infotainment System & Sound System.  Shell Armored vehicles based at United Arab Emirates is continuously investing their time, expertise and resource in innovating latest technology in vehicle armoring solutions at affordable budget. With careful design we can customize any armored vehicle into a armored luxury vehicle based on the requirements from our clients.

We do offer luxury bulletproof cars of luxurious brands like Armored Mercedes Benz GLS 400, Armored Mercedes Benz G500, Armored Lexus, Armored Cadillac etc. We make sure our customer’s requirement are always met and the bulletproof luxury cars are built to last and can compete in price, quality, aesthetic and delivery when compared to others in the same class.

Check out the some of the luxurious custom interiors we have crafted for the luxury armored suv, bulletproof luxury cars and luxury armored bus.

We design elegant and luxurious ambience inside any armored vehicle that suits the customer requirements.

You can explore various lighting options inside a luxury armored car so that you can tune into your desired light based on your mood.

When we talk about Leg Space, it is something difficult to implement in ordinary cars, Ambient Leg Space is a highlight when it comes to Luxury Armored Cars.

When we talk about Armored Luxury Cars, Seating Comfort plays a significant role. We can customize the seating to provide major luxurious elements like Automatic Seat Adjustments, Seat Massager Options, Temperature Controlled Seating etc.

We may wonder why we need High Quality Infotainment System in an armored car? But a Luxury Armored Vehicle is incomplete without a High Quality Infotainment System.

We can customize wide range of Storage Compartments to suit different needs of our customer.

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