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Luxurious Custom Interiors

Luxury Armored Vehicles are the perfect choice for VIPs, Celebrities, Dignitaries, and High Political Figures. Armored Cars are primarily used for protection and safety, but custom made luxurious interiors will provide a peaceful environment from the stressful chaos outside for the clients. We don’t insist on going for an extravagant brand or a costly vehicle for the luxurious interior conversion. We can convert any vehicle’s interior to a fantastic customized business class set-up with attention to the details and leaving no compromise in quality or comfort. Great looks and visually pleasing design guaranteed.
Unlike many manufactures out there, we do not charge enormous amounts for such remodeling. We will provide a detailed listing of the price for revamping – so you can make better decisions.
The following vehicles are the recent examples of interior altercation we have done recently.

  1. Armored Toyota Coaster Bus
  2. Armored Toyota Land Cruiser
  3. Armored Cadillac Escalade

We make sure customer requirements are always met and the bulletproof luxury cars are built to last. We do offer complete modification of the interior for our clients. Some of the interior transformations we do are listed below:

We upgrade and modify suspension to accommodate additional weight of the armor. So the VIP can travel with comfort.

You can explore various lighting options so that you can tune into your mood.

We use exceptional material for sound insulation so that you are free from the chaos outside.

Electric Seat Adjustments, Seat Massage Options, Temperature Controlled Seat Ventilation.

Many options are available – Bose, JBL, etc.

We offer customized wide range of Storage Compartments to suit the complex needs.

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