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Fantastic Light Armored Personnel Carrier Solutions from Shell Special Vehicles LLC. Our APCs can be configured to carry up to 6 crew members plus it provides ample space for the driver and a commander while being one of the light-weighted APCs in its category. And there is enough room for tactical gear too. Our APCs are based on the undeniable legacy of the TLC 70 series / Ford F series chassis that provide the rock-solid foundation for what is the ultimate vehicle of choice when it comes to reliability, durability, and ease of maintenance which are mission-critical elements for working in the world’s harshest conditions. The durability of this 4×4 is surpassed only by its breath-taking payload capacity that is effortlessly propelled by a 4.6 L / 6.7 L engine. It can crawl over or dig through challenging terrains. Custom fitted leaf springs with an engineered suspension system and OEM-based dash provide agile driving dynamics to this beast. You have a personnel carrier that is tougher than tough and customizable to any mission requirement because of the desert-race-inspired coil springs and shock absorbers, and a heavy dose of a go-anywhere attitude.
The military units and their artillery support can easily equip our LAPC with multi-purpose weapon systems. Remotely controlled weapon modules are great options. Typical examples are 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm machine guns. Recommended for Cross-Country Patrol, Border Security, and Personnel Movement Situations. Installation of active and passive protection units on the vehicle is relatively easy. Peace support missions can also benefit from the protection it offers in conflict zones, especially in Africa and Middle-east on the other hand. Our APCs keep heavily dressed troops from overheating in high temperatures of deserts using powerful air-conditioners with a special coating that acts as a lightweight thermal barrier. It possesses superior insulation qualities for hot and cold environments and far surpasses old fashioned and conventional insulating materials.

MAKE :2021
ENGINE :4.5 L V8 / 6.7 V8

Shell Special Vehicles LLC’s APCs come in various body configurations. Complete Mission Systems and Integration Packages are available upon request. Armored Turret options are available as an add-on option too. 360° Traversing turrets can be modified to meet the client’s specific requirements. NATO / MIL Based Colors are available. Additional Custom modifications are welcome. Get in touch with us soon to configure and order yours. We accept bulk orders and ship to almost anywhere in the world.

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