Tips to choose your perfect Armored Vehicle Manufacturer

The demand for armored vehicles is increasing day by day due to the increasing number of unexpected threats, crimes, and attacks happening daily on the move in different parts of the world. As a result, to meet the ever-increasing demand for armored cars, many armored vehicle manufacturers are emerging into the market than before. It has become very difficult to identify the best Armored Vehicle Manufacturer that can customize and fulfill our requirements at an affordable budget.
Here we are listing some of the points that you might consider before finalizing your armored vehicle manufacturer.

1: Do proper background research about the Armored Vehicle Manufacturer.
Spend some time to understand the Armored Company, where they operate, about their manufacturing plant/factory, read their reviews, talk to their customers, if possible, give a direct call to the company and talk to the concerned sales or customer service team.

2: Check the Ballistic Standard that the Armored Vehicle Company follows and the Vehicle Armoring Materials the company uses:
In the Initial discussion with the concerned personnel of the Armored Car Company, understand the Ballistic standards they follow and discuss these details with another expert in the field too.

3: Ensure the armored vehicle company is issuing you the budget estimate to meet all your requirements along with about various payment periods and options.

4: Discuss the various armored vehicle features or accessories included in your budget and customize the armoring features to fit your budget.
    Experienced and Best Armored Car Manufacturers would explain various budget options with the necessary armoring features needed for your protection level and keeps the cost within the affordable budget.5: Discuss all the requirements that need to be met by the Vehicle getting armored in case you are providing the vehicle for the armoring or provide options of various Armored Cars that can fit within your budget and requirements.

6: Discuss in detail about the delivery and documentation process required to ship the armored car in case you require the vehicle to be delivered to another country.

7: If possible try to visit the armored vehicle manufacturing factory/plant to get the proper understanding of their nature of work and other details.

8: Discuss after-sales maintenance and service options.

9: Reach an agreement with the Armored Car Company regarding how long will it take to complete the vehicle armoring process including documentation and other delivery related processes.

SHELL ARMORED VEHICLES is a trusted name in the Vehicle Armoring Market industry and we guarantee that we are the most reliable providers of customized armored vehicles, based in the United Arab Emirates. We are also operating from Jordan under the name PETRA SAFE CARS CO LTD. We have been building and customizing various Armored Vehicles including a wide range of Armored SUVs like Armored Land Cruiser, Armored Lexus LX570Armored Cadillac EscaladeArmored Jeep CherokeeArmored Toyota FortunerArmored Land Cruiser Prado, etc, Armored Buses, Armored Cash-in-transit, Armored Passenger Carrier, Armored Pick-up Trucks, etc.

Tips to Choose Your Perfect Armored Car Manufacturer

If you are convinced of getting proper answers for all of the above questions, you can conclude you have chosen your perfect armored vehicle manufacturer.

What makes us different ?

  • Shell’s trademark Engineering based on a holistic approach eliminates weaknesses on susceptible points of entry, consequently delivers ultimate armor against bullets and blasts.
  • Affordable Vehicle Armoring using High Strength Light Weight Armor Plating with certified Ballistic Glass.
  • The discrete appearance of the added armor in each armored vehicle eludes possible targeting.
  •  Even with the reinforced armor, our engineers preserve the original attributes of the vehicle as much as possible.

Numerous VIPs, NGOs, Private/Secret Security Agencies, Militaries, Police Forces from 44 countries spanning 3 continents are using our armored cars daily. For more details visit our website