Top 5 Armored Car Buying Tips for Building their Armored Car

Vehicle Armoring is a very serious business that needs to be planned and executed in detail. A civilian armored car or a bulletproof car must look like any other ordinary vehicle without being conspicuous.

Check out Top 5 Armored Car Buying Tips if you consider Buying an Armored Car or Converting your car into an Armored Car

 1: Research as much on ballistic standards and various threat levels to get an idea about the level of Vehicle Armoring required for your car.
2: Determine your actual threat level based on the area where you live, place where you operate, or place you travel frequently. Most of the Armored Vehicle Builder follow certain international standards for armoring vehicles based on your assessed threat level. 
3: Develop a detailed plan and request for specific international standard of vehicle armoring protection, kind of materials to be utilized (both opaque and transparent area), added weight (at net) versus vehicle payload, installation of other bulletproof or armored accessories, after sales service support, approximate budget etc.
4: Discuss all the details and requirements about your armored car with the Armored Car Builder, get it clarified until all your doubts get cleared.
5: If possible try to view other vehicles which are supplied by the Armored Car Supplier or visit their premise or vehicle plant to see the vehicles undergoing car armoring customizations there.

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