Protection Level B4/B6/B7
    Make Cadillac
    Model Escalade
    Body Style SUV
    Transmission Automatic
    Doors 5 Doors
    Engine 6.2L V8

    Standard Armoring features

    • Full armoring of the vehicle offering inside cage protection including all sides, doors, roof, floor and pillars.
    • Engine bay, battery and ECU protection
    • Reinforced HD suspension system to handle post armoring weight
    • Reinforced machined HD door hinges and retainer belts
    • Run flat system on all tires
    • Under body and fuel tank protection
    • Concealed armored bulkhead door protection for rear
    • Standard brake modifications
    • Multilayered bullet resistant windshield and door glasses

    Shell’s armoring perfectly blends in with the stunning craftsmanship of the Cadillac escalade. The strong chassis and powerful powertrain are capable of supporting B7 armoring. We retain every feature of the Cadillac Escalade. Even with the top-level bulletproofing, Shell’s armoring design takes roominess and comfort to the next level. The stock vehicle can carry up to 8 Passengers. The interior is completely customizable according to client preferences. This premium armored car is ideal for top-level VIP transport and also ideal for high-level security force movement. The Cadillac equipped Escalade with extraordinary safety measures. This along with Shell’s top-quality armoring, the occupants can have relaxed travel even in most utmost hostile situations. The special armoring design of Shell Special Vehicles LLC can support the weight of added armor itself because of the trademark manufacturing process. This in turn makes sure the longevity of the vehicle.
    We up-armor all models of Cadillac Escalade. Contact the sales team for extensive VIP customization of interiors.

  • Brand: Cadillac
  • Class: SUV
  • Factory Tinted Windows
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Full Brake System Upgrade
  • HD bull bar / Tow package
  • HD Tire and Rim upgrade
  • PA system / 2 way Intercom communication package
  • Radiator Protection
  • Siren / Strobe lights
  • Tailpipe Mesh Protection
  • Video recording / Surveillance equipment
  • VIP luxury interiors / MBS seats upgrade
  • Window Actuators/ Lifters HD
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