Armored Vehicles – The Most Sought Armored Vehicle Categories

The term ‘Armored Vehicle’ leaves the first impression that they are used primarily for military purposes. But it plays an equally important role in the non-military world for protecting the life of valuables operating in various fields. Most of the non-military purpose armored vehicles come under lightweight vehicle armoring category. Some of the industries in various sectors like mining, oil and gas, police force, private security organization, construction, medical emergency, fire emergency, prisoner transport, banks, commercial organizations, etc require the use of armored vehicles for their certain day to day activities. Armored Vehicles are built with Bulletproof Glasses in the transparent areas and Ballistic Materials like Steel for protecting the opaque areas.

Listing below certain categories of Armored Vehicles or Bulletproof Vehicles that are widely built by the after sales armored vehicle industry.

  1. Armored SUVs 
  2. Armored PickUp Trucks
  3. Armored Bus
  4. Luxury Armored Vehicles
  5. Armored Cash-in-transit
  6. Armored Passenger Carrier (APCs)
  7. Armored Ambulance

Armored SUVs are highly preferred for transporting civilians like high profile individuals, VIPs, business figures, celebrities etc.  But certain Armored SUVs like Armored Land Cruiser, Armored Land Cruiser Prado etc are ordered by private security organizations also. Those who prefer safety along with sports utility features will certainly order the Armored SUV vehicle category. 

Armored PickUp Trucks are mostly used as a multi-utility vehicle for transporting both valuables and people depending on the business needs. They are widely used for military purposes also. Some of the most common Armored Pickup Truck includes Armored Toyota Hilux, Armored Ford Ranger, etc.

Armored Bus is mainly used for the transportation of the large group of people safely in  insecure areas. They are also used for transporting prisoners in high-risk areas. Some of the widely armored buses are Armored Toyota Coaster, Armored Yutong, Armored Ashok Leyland, etc.

Luxury Armored Vehicles  are widely used for VIP transport where there is no compromise in the luxurious element while designing the safety and armoring feature of the vehicle. For building Luxury Armored Vehicles, luxurious vehicle brands are mostly chosen like Armored Mercedes Benz, Armored Lexus, Armored Cadillac, etc.

Armored Cash-in-transit vehicles are widely used by banks, commercial sectors, etc for transporting valuables like cash, coins, jewelry, precious stones etc. The vehicles that are chosen for building CashBoxes are Toyota Hilux, Toyota LandCruiser 79, etc.

APCs are widely used in the military, private security organization and government sectors for transporting a large group of people and other equipment safely in the severe threat prone areas. 

Armored Ambulance can be used effectively in the medical emergency sector by the first responders to provide the best protection in the war zone areas. These armored ambulances are highly equipped with onsite medical emergencies like oxygen cylinder, wheelchair lift, back lift, etc. Armored Ambulance built on Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Hard Top Chassis is much in demand.

Check Out an infographic showing various categories of Armored vehicles designed and built at SHELL SPECIAL VEHICLES LLC in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

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