Protection Level B4/B6/B7
    Make Toyota
    Model Land Cruiser Hardtop
    Body Style SUV
    Transmission Automatic
    Doors 5 Doors / 3 Doors

    Standard Armoring features

    • Full armoring of the vehicle offering inside cage protection including all sides, doors, roof, floor and pillars.
    • Engine bay, battery and ECU protection
    • Reinforced HD suspension system to handle post armoring weight
    • Reinforced machined HD door hinges and retainer belts
    • Run flat system on all tires
    • Under body and fuel tank protection
    • Concealed armored bulkhead door protection for rear
    • Standard brake modifications
    • Multilayered bullet resistant windshield and door glasses\

    Experience unparalleled security and durability with Shell Special Vehicles LLC’s armored Toyota Land Cruiser 70-Series Hardtop. Renowned for its rugged reliability, the Land Cruiser 70-Series is trusted across the Middle East, Africa, and numerous countries worldwide. Our armored versions of the LC76 (SUV type – 5 Door) and LC78 (Troop carrier – 3 Door) models bring a new level of protection and performance to this iconic vehicle lineup.
    LC76 Model (SUV Type – 5 Door) – The LC76 model offers a blend of strength and versatility, making it an ideal choice for secure transportation in challenging environments. Shell Special Vehicles LLC enhances this robust SUV with advanced armoring, ensuring it meets the highest standards of ballistic protection. The LC76 is meticulously upgraded with reinforced brakes and suspension systems to handle the added weight of the armor, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety on any terrain.
    LC78 Model (Troop Carrier – 3 Door) – The LC78 model, known for its spacious interior and troop-carrying capabilities, is armored to provide exceptional security for personnel and valuables. Our custom armoring solutions for the LC78 include the latest in ballistic protection, ensuring safety in even the most hostile conditions. Like the LC76, the LC78’s brake and suspension systems are upgraded to maintain superior handling and reliability.
    Shell Special Vehicles LLC is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our clients. While the Toyota Land Cruiser 70-Series is not designed for VIP interior seating, we offer a range of custom armoring solutions to ensure maximum protection and functionality. Our armoring process includes custom configurations to suit specific security requirements.
    Our armored Toyota Land Cruiser 70-Series vehicles are designed to deliver unmatched protection and performance. Whether you need a secure SUV or a troop carrier, Shell Special Vehicles LLC provides the highest level of security and reliability. Armoring the Toyota Land Cruiser 70-Series to CEN B6/B7 standards, we ensure the utmost protection for occupants, offering peace of mind in every situation.

  • Brand: Toyota
  • Class: SUV
  • Factory Tinted Windows
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Full Brake System Upgrade
  • HD bull bar / Tow package
  • HD Tire and Rim upgrade
  • PA system / 2 way Intercom communication package
  • Radiator Protection
  • Rearview camera
  • Siren / Strobe lights
  • Tailpipe Mesh Protection
  • Video recording / Surveillance equipment
  • Window Actuators/ Lifters HD
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