Protection LevelUp to CEN BR7
Engine4.0L V6 / 4.5L V8
Doors3 Doors / 5 Doors
Protection LevelUp to CEN BR7
ModelLandcruiser 70 Series
Body StyleCash In Transit
Doors3 Doors / 5 Doors
Engine4.0L V6 / 4.5L V8

Shell Special Vehicle’s in-house Cash In Transit is based on Toyota Land Cruiser Chassis. The cash transit box can be made to withstand threats up to B7+. The design is well balanced thus maintaining the longevity of the vehicle. LandCruiser 70-series heavy duty has proven its reliability over time. The chassis can support substantial payloads. We design and manufacture customized boxes with particular enhancements according to client preferences.
The cash in transits can be made on any 70-series land cruiser pickup platform. Such as Single Cabin or Double cabin etc. We also build cash in transit boxes on custom made Land Cruiser 6×6 chassis. Including Petrol/Diesel RHD/LHD Models. Contact the sales team for customization options.

4x4 Drive
6x6 Chassis Available
Air Conditioner
B7+ B7 B6+ B6 Protection
Brand: Toyota
Class: CIT
High-intensity High-Strength Lightweight Armor Plating for roof and floor
Multi-layered Ballistic Glass For Windshield and Door Windows
Multi-layered Polycarbonate Coating for transparent areas
Optional Gun ports for Guard compartment
Protection for the Fuel tank / Tailpipe / Radiator / Battery / Control Module of the Engine
Reinforced Doors and Pillars with Heavy-duty Hinges
Run Flat Tyres
Special Purpose Front/Rear Coil Springs and shock absorptions
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