Car Armoring, Sale of Armored Cars and Bulletproof Vehicles in the Middle-East. Armored vehicle is not just a luxury of today’s world, but it has become a necessity for the people from different sectors like executives, political figures, diplomats, private individuals who are facing security threats etc. There is a huge demand for armored car dubai from various part of the Middle-East world. Due to this demand, United Arab Emirates has become a major hub to many armoured vehicles manufacturers. Among many small and big armouring companies in the UAE, it is a tedious task to decide on the trusted armored car company. Shell Special Vehicles LLC is a Premium manufacturer of armored cars in UAE providing sale of armored cars and bulletproof cars to various countries in the Middle-East region like OmanKuwaitBahrainSaudi Arabia,JordanIraq etc. We believe in innovating and introducing the safest and most affordable manufacturing technologies for armored car. We offer the trusted and most reliable service to our customers, offering them ultimate protection. Several VIPs, NGOs, Police Forces, Secret Security Agencies worldwide have become our loyal customers. Our highly experienced engineers and technicians give attention to even the finest detail of armoring cars, resulting in offering the same level of standard as from the factory. We are manufacturing and selling wide range of superior quality and high performance armored and bulletproof vehicles which are in high demand such as:

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