Armored Car Manufacturing and Sale in Jordan. Arab world is witnessing a boom in the armored vehicle manufacturing and import / export of armored civilian and military vehicles these years owning to many reasons prevailing in some of the Arab countries. Jordan is no exception in facing higher security threats and political and economic unrest. The vehicle armoring industry is experiencing similar resonance in Jordan’s never ending efforts to secure its borders in the fear of threats from Iraq and Syria.
Many people from Jordan are looking for Premium Armored Vehicle Manufacturers in UAE, because of the high demand of the armored vehicles UAE. Shell Special Vehicles LLC is a Premium Armored Car Manufacturer and Supplier based at Dubai in UAE. We are the pioneers in the design, development and manufacturer of specialized and customized Armored Vehicles for the civilian, military and commercial use. Our highly experienced engineers and technicians give attention to even the finest detail of armoring cars, resulting in offering the same level of standard as from the factory. We are manufacturing and selling wide range of superior quality and high performance armored and bulletproof vehicles which are in high demand such as: Armored SUVs, Armored light vehicles, Armored pickups, Armored Buses , Armored Vans, Armored Cash in transit Vehicles, Armored Speciality Vehicles and soft skin vehicles.
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Armored Toyota Land Cruiser

Armored Land Cruiser

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Armored Toyota Fortuner

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