Armored Car Manufacturing and Sale in Nigeria. As reported by Reuters, many of the Nigerians shift to using armored car and bulletproof car to ensure extra security. Among the upper class population in Nigeria, there is a huge increase in interest to buy luxury armored vehicles to overcome any insecure situation. Many people from Nigeria are looking for Premium Armored Vehicle Manufacturers in UAE, because of the high demand of the armored car Dubai. Shell Special Vehicles LLC is a Premium Armoured Car Manufacturing company based at Dubai in UAE. Our highly experienced engineers and technicians give attention to even the finest detail of armoring cars, resulting in offering the same level of standard as from the factory. We can customize vehicle armoring and bulletproofing requirements that best suit the market conditions in Nigeria resulting in producing the best Armored Cars Nigeria. We thrive to achieve quality, aesthetics, safety and value for the money. Some of the armoring features that will become part of your armored car are Run-Flat Tires, Upgraded Brakes & Suspension, Full Under Belly Protection, Operable Window, Night Vision Display, Communication Equipments, Shocking Door Handles etc. We take care of the shipping and the necessary documentation of the armored vehicle, and thus giving you a trouble-free experience. We are manufacturing and supplying high quality armoured or bulletproof vehicles such as:

It has been observed that below armored vehicle types are in demand from Nigeria.

  • Armored Security Vehicle
  • Armored Mercedes
  • Armored SUVs like Armored Cadillac Escalade, Armored Land Cruiser, Lexus LX 570 Armored, Armored Jeep etc
  • Armored Personnel Carrier
  • Luxury Armored Vehicles like Armored Mercedes Benz
  • Military Armored Vehicles
  • Civilian Armored Vehicles

We are the leading supplier of Armoured Vehicles and offer bulletproof cars for sale to Nigeria as individual, bulk and corporate approach to the needs and requirements of each clients. We provide different vehicle armoring works to all vehicles with speciality in: Toyota(All Variants), Mercedes Benz, Chevrolet and Ford. Shell Special Vehicles LLC provides sale and supply of armoured cars that guarantee safety and security, quality, aesthetics and value for money. We provide non-armored cars to our customers as well.
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Armored Toyota Land Cruiser

Armored Land Cruiser

Armored Lexus LX570

armored lexus rear view

Armored Toyota Fortuner

Armored Toyota Fortuner

Armored Toyota Prado

Armored Land Cruiser Prado|Armored Prado|Bulletproof Prado
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