Nigeria is our biggest market. We have been exporting our armored vehicles and saving the lives of very important individuals for the last 5 years. And we will continue to do so. Among the upper-class population in Nigeria, there is a huge increase in interest to buy luxury armored vehicles and make their journeys as comfortable as safe. Premium customers from Nigeria prefer Shell Special Vehicles LLC because of our past track record and our experience in making armored vehicles for their country specifically.
We customize vehicles extensively according to the requirements of the clients. This also applies to the non-armoring scope of the project. We are the leading supplier of Armored Vehicles to Nigeria and we offer our products at affordable prices. We fulfill the requirements and tenders to deliver armored vehicles from Corporate/Large bulk orders to individual orders. And our vast connections with shipping companies enable us to deliver vehicles as quickly as possible.
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Armored Toyota Land Cruiser

armored land cruiser 300

Armored Lexus 570

Armored Toyota Hilux

armored hilux

Armored Toyota Coaster Bus

armored coaster side view
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