Shell Special Vehicles LLC has been an exporter of armored cars to Afghanistan for many years. We procure and convert normal cars to armored cars in the United Arab Emirates on behalf of clients. Customers can procure the vehicles themselves and give it to us for armoring conversion. Our vast connections with the shipping teams enable us to deliver the armored vehicles via air or sea. Currently, we do not have any manufacturing facility or contract work in Afghanistan. If your requirement is a Right Hand Drive (RHD) vehicle, then note that the prices of RHD vehicles here in the United Arab Emirates are a bit higher than those of LHD vehicles. We work with brand new vehicles and we do not have used cars. But if you have already purchased the vehicle and the vehicle is fit enough to armor, then we will work with you to armor the car.

The threat of terrorism and extortion have forced to cause a boom in the demand for security products and services in Afghanistan. The recent records show that the demand has only increased. Certain criteria need to be met for the vehicles to be used in the countries like Afghanistan since it requires a decent off-road capability. Our sales team will help you choose the right product for your requirement.
We recommend young agents as well as people who are new to the armored vehicle industry to look into the longevity of the companies. Many companies offer cheaper solutions to countries like Afghanistan from UAE. These are probably newly started and may have doubtful track records. Their vehicles may not be effective as ours to save lives from bullets and blasts. Do not fall into the trap of cheap quality vehicles from such companies.
We have been delivering vehicles to Pakistan and Afghanistan for a long time at affordable rates. We also provide a warranty and we have a fantastic track record as well. Choose us as your best bet against tough times ahead.
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Armored Toyota Land Cruiser

Armored Land Cruiser

Armored Toyota Hilux

armored hilux with reinforced bumper

Armored Toyota Camry

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