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Shell Armored Vehicles (SAV) is one of the most premium and reliable providers of armoring and vehicle customization needs. We have a comprehensive range of vehicles which fulfill all kinds of security needs. Our product range covers armored SUV's, armored light vehicles, armored pickups, armored buses and vans, armored cash in transit vehicles, armored speciality vehicles and soft skin vehicles. We also provide safety accessories for both vehicle safety and personal safety including armored vests, armored jackets and armored helmets for various vehicles, and personal safety accessories including armoured vests. We specialize in the following -

Ballistic armor:

A thick metal plating system is installed on the sub frame of the car to make it neutral to ballistic threat. This armour can give very strong protection to the passengers in the vehicle. The thickness of the metal plate can be varied, making the vehicle safe from bullets to projectiles that would otherwise pierce armors. Floor plates may also be installed to protect the vehicle from detonation devices.

Armored tires:

Run flat devices are special tires that are made of both composite materials and alloys casing within the tire. This special casing allows your vehicle to move about 60 miles, to evade threat or threat-like situations, even when the tires are deflated.

Bullet-proof glass:

Also known as transparent armor, this kind of glass is manufactured with varying degrees of thickness to compete with perceived threats. It can effectively withstand attacks from rifles and RPGs.

Grill bumpers/guards:

If there is a threat of an attack from the front or the back of the vehicle, grill guards and bumpers can be used to mitigate risks. These armors create additional reinforcement to the edges of the vehicles. This also allows vehicles to pass through debris or roadblocks without hindering speed.

Services Offered

We offer custom armoring services to our patrons. By assessing the level of perceived threat, and taking other considerations into account, we can help you armor your vehicles to the threat levels accordingly.

Armored SUVs - Land Cruiser 200 series, Lexus 570, Nissan Patrol, Chevrolet Suburban, Cherokee Jeep.
Armored Personnel Carriers - Toyota LandCruiser 79-series Pick-up Truck available in both diesel and petrol variants, Mercedes heavy duty chasis..etc
Armored Buses/Vans – Toyota Coaster, Toyota Hiace, GMC Savana
Armored Cash in Transit Vehicles- Toyota Hilux, Toyota Land cruiser 79 series, Ford F350, F550..etc
Armored Speciality Vehicles- Customised armored Vans with wheel chair lift for disabled and other specific requirements.
If you need to hire armored transportation for commercial purposes, we can offer you specialized vehicles, along with trained drivers and safety accessories such as bulletproof vests. The driver will have his own bulletproof vest, while each of the passengers will also be given their own individual armored vest for maximum protection.


Chairman's Message

Chairman Message
It is indeed an honour and a privilege to be nominated as Chairman to Shell Armoured Vehicles, United Arab Emirates,. Having been involved with the Management Team for the past number of years and promoted and sold Shell Armoured vehicles to some very important clients across the globe I know that the products are of superb quality. Having witnessed the Armouring process first hand and the attention to detail I am very happy to be associated with the company both now and in to the future. As the Global security crisis deepens, the random acts of terrorism increases, lone wolf attacks, crimes of opportunity escalate the additional security of a Personalised Armoured Vehicle has never before been so necessary. No longer only for the rich and famous. As regions of the world previously seen as safe and secure countries are no longer capable of offering it's citizens the security that was once taken for granted the rise is Personal Armoured Vehicles is once again on peoples minds. Shell Armoured Vehicles are large enough to deal with the additional vehicle requirements while small enough to give a personalised service and assisting in any additional requirements that a PRIVATE/VIP/VVIP/CORPORATE client may have. Obviously it's not all about up-armouring soft skinned vehicles. There are Cash In Transit vehicles build to custom specifications, Armoured Personnel Carriers, Armoured Buses to specification including VIP interiors and Ambulances. We welcome a visit to the factory by our customers to give them the security that the process is a professional one and vehicles can be seen on the production line at various stages of the armouring process.

Yours sincerely,
Peter G. Mortell,
Shell Armoured Vehicles

Armored Vehicles (SAV) is your one-stop-shop for all your vehicle needs. We supply armored vehicles to fulfill the high security needs of Ministries, Embassies, Security Companies, NGO’s, Defense, Security Organizations and commercial sectors.

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