Shell Armored Vehicles

About Shell Armored Vehicles

At Shell Armoured Vehicles our holistic approach in design helps us provide full armoring solutions to our clients. With our superior engineering processes, we are able to eliminate all potential weaknesses, making your transportation completely safe and secure. The biggest advantage we offer is the discrete appearance of the vehicles. Though they are heavily armored, the vehicles we engineer cannot be identified to be so. Each of our armored vehicles is designed to evade threats. The lightly armored vehicles can provide full safety, while the heavily armored vehicles may even be used for full combat. We supply vehicles in over 44 countries, spanning three continents.

Shell Armored Vehicles

We value aesthetics, but do not compromise on your safety. All customisations add to the value of your vehicle, and increase your safety manifold. You can expect the highest quality materials and equipment for any customisation task. No matter what your security needs are, we will work hard, with you to fulfill them.

Shell Armored Vehicles Comfort

Aesthetics are important when you are buying a vehicle. Since your vehicle says a lot about you, you would not want to drive in a bulky one that does not do any justice to you. At the end of the day, you can count on Shell Armoured Vehicles to give you the best, most aesthetically pleasing vehicles.

Shell Armored Vehicles
Value For Money

We provide aesthetically pleasing, safe vehicles, along with impeccable service and a strict adherence to quoted schedules, at very reasonable costs. We do not believe in cutting corners, or delivering substandard quality. Our word is important to us, and you shall get nothing but the best, in the best price possible.

Armored Vehicles – A Quick History

Armored vehicles are preferred by eminent personalities who have a threat to their life or their safety. However, this is not as new a concept as you would believe. Noah's Ark was created to withstand heavy damages from the elements, and therefore Noah is considered to be the father of armored vehicles.

Leonardo da Vinci, innovator and artist, also created sketches of armored vehicles as early as 1485. During both the World Wars, armored vehicles assumed a special place in the military fleets for the protection of people of eminence. Rolls Royce, the most luxury brand of vehicles in the world, began developing armored vehicles since then.

Today, Shell Armored Vehicles creates technologically advanced armored vehicles, which have passed various quality assurance tests. Our clientele include banks, army, security agencies and various commercial establishments. Individuals living in war or riot prone hostile areas also make use of these vehicles.